Hiking, mountaineering (to Menina planina, Lepenatka, Ravna, Kašna planina, the Kamniško Savinjske Alps…), cycling, picking mushrooms, picking fruit and making juice in fall. Skiing on grass in the summer months and skiing in winter at a farm in vicinity of approximately 3 km or in a ski resort Golte, which is 25 km away. Should you wish, you could also help with chores around the farm. We are sure there will be something to find for everyone.




In the area there are quite a few places of interest worth visiting:

-the pilgrimage church of Mary the Star in Nova Štifta

-the cathedral in Gornji Grad

-the museum collection in Štekl

-Savinjski arboretum in Mozirje

-treasury of chasubles in Radmirje

-Logarska Valley